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Luxury manicures from Jessica and LeRemedi, and gel polish manicures from The Gel Bottle inc.

Luxury Manicures – From Jessica & LeRemedi, with Gel Polish manicures from The Gel Bottle Inc

The most luxurious manicure you’ll ever have. Jessica’s vitamin enriched, long lasting custom colour nail varnishes and prescription base coats smooth and nurture the nail all the while promoting healthy nail growth. With an award winning formula, Jessica custom colour nail varnishes are formulated to the highest of industry standards. 

LeRemedi, part of the Jessica brand, provides what is essentially a facial from the hands. With lotions, oils, serums and scrubs, it is one of the first systems of its kind. The perfect pairing of LeRemedi and Jessica custom colour gives us out best selling manicure – the Luxury Jessica manicure. 


The Gell Bottle Inc was born with high quality and innovation in mind. The Gel Bottle polishes are rich, highly pigmented, chip resistant and offer extremely long lasting shine for up to 3 weeks. This LED cured polish instantly dries and it’s hard wearing so it’s ideal for those wanting a strong, long lasting manicure. Perfect for natural nails as well as on top of acrylic. They are also a VEGAN and CRUELTY FREE brand. 

Luxury Pedicures

ZenSpa from Jessica is the ultimate in professional pedicure luxury.  Harnessing the restorative powers of Asian aquatic plant extracts, the blend of blue lotus flower, water lily root and bamboo shoot to purify, cleanse and restore beautiful radiant feet.  Add in fresh citrus aroma of lemongrass, our pedicures are a total sensory experience.


Enhance your natural nails with Acrylic, whether you want to extend your nails or strengthen weak nails.  Finish them with  colour from our extensive range of gel polishes from The Gel Bottle Inc, or keep them natural, the possibilities are endless.  Add glitter or nail art to really make a statement.

Sports Massage & Body Treatments


Sports Massage

We’re delighted to announce that talented Sports Massage Therapist, Cheryl Dibben, has now joined the Salon team!

Available evenings until 9pm, Cheryl is ITEC Accredited and an FHT Accredited Member.

?Benefits of Sports Massage:

?‍♀️Better recovery from physical activity
?‍♀️Promotes improved healing and repair
?‍♀️Relief of pressure and reduction of tension in muscles
?‍♀️Improves posture and better range of movement which will reduce the risk of injury
?‍♀️Eases delayed onset of muscle soreness
?‍♀️Boosts performance
?‍♀️Promotes relaxation

Book Cheryl now with an introductory offer of £45  (a consultation will be required beforehand)

Dermalogica Back Treatment

A deep cleansing and exfoliating treatment for your back, perfect for those who suffer from comedones on the back and shoulders

Our high frequency machines will achieve a deeper cleanse, a back massage is also included in this service

Swedish Massage

A deep tissue massage that helps relieve tight muscles and knots, perfect for those who are in need of deep massage to help relieve tense, sore or knotted muscles. This massage also aids swollen and stiff joints.

We offer a 30 minute Back Neck & Shoulder or a 1 hour Full Body service

Hot Stone Massage

Relax and de-stress with a luxury hot stone massage. Hot stone massage promotes deeper muscle relaxation through the placement and movement of smooth, water heated basalt stones at key points on the body. In conjunction with beautiful scents from aromatherapy oils and diffusers, this is the ultimate treatment for those seeking true relaxation. You will walk out floating on air. 

Available in a 45 minute back, neck and shoulder massage and a 90 minute full body massage. 


Dermalogica Facials & Peels

Dermalogica Facials

Using only the best and most innovative products from the world renowned brand Dermalogica, we can effectively treat all skin types from dry and sensitive, to oily and acne prone.

Our Facials are bespoke and tailor made to meet your skins needs

ProSkin 30

An intensive 30-minute treatment is designed specifically for you and your most pressing skin concern. This bespoke service combines key steps of professional exfoliation and deep cleansing using targeted facial electrical technology to provide you with visible results fast.

ProSkin 60

Our ultimate 60-minute treatment is customised to target all of your skin needs and to leave your skin radiant and glowing. It incorporates professional exfoliation with the use of galvanic and high frequency to improve texture and tone, brighten and boost collagen production, along with highly advanced professional-grade actives for deep treatment. Experience dramatic results in a serene, relaxing environment. Also enjoy a face and shoulder massage and a customised masque to finish.

ProSkin Ultra 60

All the benefits of our Pro Skin 60 facial but exclusively using the Age Smart skin care range of Dermalogica Products. Target and treat signs of premature ageing, sun damage, fine lines, wrinkles and pigmentation with Age Smart.

ProPower Peel 30

Our all-new Pro Power Peel redefines the peel experience. Dermalogica’s strongest and fastest peel yet, the Pro Power Peel collection features a full suite of peel products, including Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) and Beta Hydroxy Acids (BHAs). With a unique system of three different acids for a deep exfoliation personalised to you, it is ideal to target lines and wrinkles, uneven pigmentation or breakouts, all in an express 30 minutes.

ProPower Peel 60

This effective and customised 60-minute treatment combines the benefits of our Pro Power Peel 30 treatment with the addition of  advanced techniques and technologies. Peel results are dramatically enhanced by a supplementary deep treatment process incorporating powerful IonActive Serum™️, a customised masque, facial electrical technology and relaxing massage to ensure your skin is left clear, smooth and glowing. For best results a course of 6 treatments is recommended.

A course of six ProPower Peel 60 treatments can also be purchased for £350, a saving of £70

Diamond Peeling Microdermabrasion

A diamond peel is a crystal-free from of microdermabrasion. During this procedure, a state-of-the-art diamond tipped hand piece will be used to gently buff away dead cells and debris on the outer layer of your skin, leaving smoother, cleaner, brighter skin. 

Dermaplaning Facial

Dermaplaning is an exfoliating skin treatment which removes dead skin cells along with the soft vellus hairs on the face using a specifically designed blade. Dermaplaning provides a safe and effective exfoliating treatment that promotes deeper product penetration boosting the effects of skin care products while making the skin feel smoother and brighter. It is also beneficial in reducing the appearance of acne scars. 

Permanent Make-up

New for November 2023 – Permanent Makeup by Gemma Bowden

Gemma is now available for permanent makeup services including Hair stroke, Powder and Combination brows, Eyeliner/lash enhancement and Lip blush.

What is it?

Permanent makeup, also known as Micropigmentation, is a form of medical cosmetic tattooing which involves depositing pigment into the skin using a digital machine and needle cartridge, similar in action to a sewing machine. Different to traditional tattoo machines, PMU machines have lower frequencies and higher speeds to meet the demands of permanent makeup. With micropigmentation you can create shading, hair strokes, lines and much more across multiple treatments such as brows, lips, eyeliner, scalp, and areola. You are also free to create multiple different PMU styles with a digital machine such as ombré, hair stroke or combination brows which gives a totally bespoke and tailored look for every individual.

Machine method permanent makeup is suitable for all skin types however there are some contraindications for who can have this treatment.

Contraindications for permanent include but are not limited too:

Individuals under 18 years of age
Under no circumstances can anyone under the age of 18 receive a permanent makeup treatment. ID will be required.
Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding

As the body is going through hormonal changes, it is more prone to infections. Your skin may change and results can be unpredictable.

Individuals with Pacemaker or major heart problems

The numbing agents used along with a natural pain response can increase your heart rate possibly causing dysrhythmias.

Individuals with viral infections and/or diseases

The risk of developing an infection is higher in people with compromised immune system. You should wait until you are back to full health before receiving a permanent make up treatment. If you are taking antibiotics please leave at least 7 days from your last dose.

Individuals with Lupus

The risk of developing an infection is higher in people with compromised immune system.

Individuals who have undergone Organ Transplant

The risk of developing an infection is higher in people with compromised immune system.

Individuals with any kind of skin condition on or near the treatment area

Eczema, dermatitis, rosacea, psoriasis or any one of these skin conditions may compromise the surface and texture of the skin. Procedure performed on skin with these type of condition may have sub par results.

Individuals who are allergic to metal and have a positive patch test to the pigment.

We use small needles and pigments that can contain some metals. If you have a metal allergy and you have a positive patch test to the pigment, it will not be safe to perform the treatment.

Individuals prone to keloids

Since permanent makeup punctures the skin, there is always a risk for people that are prone to keloids to heal with keloids scaring

Individuals who used Accutane

Accutane alters the skin and makes it thin, dry, and sensitive. It also weakens your immune system. For those reasons you’ll need to one year after your Accutane treatment is completed and your skin is back to its normal state.

Eligible With Doctors Consent and Written Note

Individuals undergoing chemotherapy

Although permanent makeup is great for enhancing your look, we require a doctor’s note in order to perform the procedure for anyone undergoing chemotherapy. You will have to wait for at least 6 months from your last chemotherapy treatment before we can go ahead with permanent makeup. Once you’re cleared from your oncologist we can book your appointment. Permanent makeup is a great solution for cancer survivors.

Individuals with Diabetes

It is important that your condition is stable and under control. Please consult with your physician and provide us with a doctor’s note.

Individuals with Thyroid Condition

The colour of your brows can fade faster when taken with certain thyroid medications.

Individuals with Rheumatic Fever
Individuals with Rheumatic Conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis generally heal slower due to having a compromised immune system. Doctors consent must be sought before treatment can take place.
Individuals with Glaucoma

The risk of developing an eye infection is higher.

Individuals with High Blood Pressure or are taking Blood Thinning medications

Your blood pressure has to be at a stable condition. You may have slightly greater bleeding than normal. Excessive bleeding during the procedure can dilute and expel the pigment and lead to poor results.

Individuals that have any uncertainty regarding their pre-existing conditions, or are under medical supervision, please consult with your doctor before booking an appointment and provide us with a doctor’s note. This can be discussed in consultation but a permanent makeup treatment cannot go ahead without the consent from your doctor.

Eligible Based on Individual Cases

Individuals with a dark pre-existing eyebrow tattoo or permanent makeup

The tattoo or permanent makeup must be light enough for us to draw hair strokes. We ask anyone with a previous eyebrow tattoo to send us an email to info@asaloncalledfish.co.uk with a picture of their eyebrows with no makeup on, so we can evaluate.

Individuals who are allergic to lidocaine or have had reactions to anaesthetics in the past

Our most used anaesthetic is lidocaine so if you are allergic to it, we will not be able to use it during the procedure; however, you will still have an option to proceed but without a numbing agent to reduce the pain.

Individuals with oily skin

Those with very oily skin must be aware that the overproduction of sebum can expel the pigment colour much quicker than those with other skin types. Additional sessions may be required to achieve desired results. Powder brows are recommended for this skin type as individual hair strokes may end up blurring causing unsatisfactory results. Those with less oily or combination skin, may consider a combination of hair strokes and powder effect, known as combination brows. This can be discussed during your consultation.

Individuals that are prone to cold sores

If you are prone to cold sores, lip blushing may result in an outbreak and cause loss of pigment. It is recommended that you start taking antiviral medication at least 48 hours prior to treatment to try and prevent an outbreak.

Individuals with a dark lips or prone to hyperpigmentation

In some cases we can not work over dark lips or people prone to hyperpigmentation. Due to the hyper pigmentation getting darker. We ask anyone with dark lips or prone to hyperpigmentation to send us an email with a picture of their bare lips and surrounding area of their lips with no makeup on, so we can evaluate.

Individuals with sun damaged skin

Sun damaged skin can result in poor retention of pigment. You must stay out of the sun before treatment, during the healing process and after for best results. If you cannot keep out of the sun, we cannot guarantee a satisfactory treatment outcome.

All permanent makeup services require a compulsory consultation and patch test at least 48 hours prior to treatment. For any more information regarding permanent makeup, please contact us 01752 691696 or email info@asaloncalledfish.co.uk

Lashes & Brows

We offer a range of tinting and perming treatments for eyebrows and eyelashes including lash lifting and brow lamination, as well as eyelash extension treatments like individual lash extensions where single false lashes are applied to each natural lash to create a longer, fuller look. New for 2021 we are also adding Russian Volume Lashes to the menu. Similar to individual or ‘classic’ lash extensions,  Russian lashes are typically applied in a fan-like shape, which adds to the ‘volume’ look. This results in a more dramatic finish as the fans create a much fuller and thicker lash line.  


This treatment is a non invasive wrinkle reduction. It works by creating intricately placed dots using a carbon arc which then shrinks the targeted cells and as it heals it tightens the skin, produces new skin cells and collagen. There are no injections or products put into the body and the results are permanent once your treatment plan is complete.

To book your initial consultation with Rachel, click on the Book Now link or call the salon