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Manicures & Pedicures

Luxury Manicures - From Jessica & Jessica Geleration

The most luxurious manicure you will ever have. Enriched with almond oil, vitamin e, echinacea and zinc. Jessica, the world leader in healthy, natural nails, have created an award winning range of hand and cuticle treatments, prescriptive base coats and extra glossy top coats.

ZenSpa Pedi cures - The Sole Connection

Rediscover yourself with a magical ZenSpa journey. Thought of as pure luxury, the ZenSpa sophisticated state of the art pedicure system caters for your individual needs and is designed for comfort and wellbeing. A vital therapy to relieve the everyday stresses of modern life, the ZenSpa pedicure encompasses a deep cleanse and exfoliate to rejuvenate your skin to a healthier and softer condition, whilst awakening and renewing your senses.


Swedish Massage

A deep tissue massage that helps relieve tight muscles and knots, perfect for those who are in need of deep massage to help relieve tense, sore or knotted muscles. This massage also aids swollen and stiff joints.

Aromatherapy Massage

Tailored to the clients wellbeing needs using a range of essential oils. Helps to relax, uplift and energise those who really need that time to zone out and chill. More of a light pressure massage, concentrating on certain pressure points to help relax and drain excess fluid. Great for people who lead a very stressful and busy life.

Indian Head Massage

An ancient Indian massage focusing of specific pressure points to help balance, de-stress and energise. This method also has many health benefits, such as relieving migraines, sinusitis, insomnia and depression.


Dermalogica Facial

Using Dermalogica this facial is tailored specifically to each clients’ skin concerns, such as excess oil production, acne, dehydration, ageing or dryness. This is a prescriptive facial as the skin is analysed first before an hour long skin treatment is applied including a massage.

Waxing & Threading

All waxing treatments including brows, facial waxing, body waxing including intimate. Threading is also available as an alternative to facial waxing for those who react to wax on the skin.

Tinting & Eyelashes

We offer tinting treatments for eyebrows and eyelashes as well as a relatively new treatment called the Lash Lift and Tint where the lashes are lifted using a perm solution and then tinted at the same time for the ultimate lifted, defined lash look. This methos is applied to your natural lashes and lasts from 6-8 weeks.

Individual lash extensions are also available where single false lashes are applied to each natural lash to create longer, fuller looking lashes.

St Tropez Spray Tan

An airbrush tan that develops to the skins natural pigment so one colour suits all. You won't go too dark and you will not go orange! Perfect for special occasions such as weddings and prom.

Make Up

We now use Mii Make-Up from Jessica, which is also available to buy in the salon. So, whether you are looking for make-up for your wedding, a prom or special occasion we can help. We are also providing make-up lessons. Please ask in the salon for more details.

Mii combines the highest quality formulas, wearable on trend shades, beautiful packaging and a pure mineral collection to deliver exciting professional service that’s suitable for all ages.