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Style to suit shape

7th April 2015 | Hair

Style to suit the shape of your face… Creativity, passion and flawless technique greet every client at A Salon Called Fish. If you’re looking for a trim, touch-up or a total hair makeover, our stylists will deliver natural results that reflect your personality and lifestyle. We are constantly evolving and finding inspiration in everything from…

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Colour Treated Hair lost its shine?

25th February 2015 | Hair

Does your Colour Treated Hair need the shine put back in?… We all have days when our hair doesn’t feel at its best, feels dry & damaged and when styling it you can see the effects of the damage so much more. With dyed hair in general there is more to contend with then natural…

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Is your blonde hair dull & lifeless?

19th February 2015 | Hair

Naturally Blonde Dull & lifeless hair is the biggest complaint from customers in hair salons…. Why does my hair look dull & lifeless? Why are the models in magazines hair always so shiny and healthy looking? There are so many reasons as to why hair looks dull and lifeless, but do not be fooled by…

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Weather getting you in a frizz?

20th January 2015 | Hair

Kebelo delivers 100 days of amazing hair… What’s with all this wet, cold & miserable weather at the moment? Is it playing havoc with your hair? When we say havoc, we know from our clients that this can a particularly bad time for those of you that suffer from WRFH (Weather Related Frizzy Hair), so…

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A Weather Nightmare!

12th January 2015 | Beauty, Hair, Nails

This week the weather forecast for our part of the world is…. WET, WINDY & COLD! This isn’t really that unusual for the UK, so we thought that a few hints & tips on how to look after you Hair, Skin, Nails & Make-Up over the coming winter weeks that may just help keep you…

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Charity Event – February 2015

19th December 2014 | Salon News

Dear Customers, We have a charity event planned for February 7th 2015. The event will be full of action and fun, plus a few nibbles & glasses of Prosecco. We’d love to see you at the event, pre-orders for tickets are being taken by email over this weekend, with the tickets being available in the…

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GELeration at A Salon Called Fish

Salon Professional Nails

17th December 2014 | Nails

What is Jessica GELeration? Jessica GELeration is a highly advanced product that’s applied like a normal nail polish but one application can last up to an amazing three weeks! Now GELeration has become a firm favourite within the our clients at A Salon Called Fish and our clients love the results they get from this amazing product….

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Men’s Grooming Tips

15th December 2014 | Men's Grooming

Manage Excessive Body Hair Do most women like excessive body hair? When asked this question most will certainly answer with a ‘no’, so how do you deal with this? There are different ways that you can manage excessive body hair, such as trimming with an electronic device or laser-hair removal, but probably the most popular method among…

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Christmas Special Offers

23rd October 2014 | Special Offers

If you are looking for some inspiration for a Christmas gift or you just fancy treating yourself on the lead up to Christmas, we’ve got a whole host of special offers that are perfect for you…   Beauty & Nail Offers What about a GeLeration Manicure & Pedicure package, available at an incredible £45! But…

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Our New Website!

22nd October 2014 | Salon News

We’re so excited about the launch of our new website and we hope you’ll enjoy it looking at as much as we do! There are some key changes to how we have structured our new website, but they have all been done to ensure ‘we make it easier for you’, our valued customers. Here is…

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Christmas Party Season

22nd October 2014 | Beauty, Hair

We’re all prepared for the Party Season, are you? The festive season is upon us and party season is here, and your hair will need all the help it can get to look gorgeous day after day through all the festivities and not cause hair damage. We would love to help you feel the ‘Belle…

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